Thank you for your interest in University of Idaho's SSS-TRIO program! Please complete this application as thoroughly as possible. FYI, you cannot save and restart this application: It must be completed in one sitting. If you have any questions, please call our office at (208) 885-1021 or email

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In addition to meeting with your SSS-TRIO Counselor at least 5 times your first year you will also be required to attend some workshops and events.  Which of the following are the most helpful or interesting to you?  
Study Skills
Test Anxiety
Personal Finance
College Success Strategies (2 credits)
Social Activities
Mentoring Program
Preparation for Graduate School
FAFSA Completion
Scholarship Search
Career Exploration / Preparation
Community Service

Which of the following programs have you been involved with?
A current CAMP student
A former CAMP student
A current or former TRIO program
A student working with the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)
A student working with the Center for Disability Access and Resources (CDAR)
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I intend to graduate from the University of Idaho:
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I give my SSS counselor permission to communicate with professors/advisers/tutors and other UI professionals about my academic information.
I give permission to release my name for recognition purposes (scholarships, awards, etc.)
I authorize the UI SSS-TRIO office to disclose, exchange, and/or discuss information pertaining to my need for services with the following persons: Parent/guardian, physician, UI Counseling and Testing Center, CDAR, former schools, Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Informed Consent: I understand that I will be meeting regularly with an SSS-TRIO Academic Success Counselor. While counseling is a confidential process, counselors are required by Idaho State Law to report: 1) suspected abuse of a child or impaired person, 2) a threat made to seriously harm another person, 3) a student in imminent danger of harming themselves, and 4) any report of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.

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